We offer a wide array of world-class bows for archers and hunters. Our products are made with the finest
materials and include the latest technological advancements. Form and function, sophistication and innovation
meet in the ideal bow for novices and seasoned pros.

Ragim bows are proudly “Made in Italy” and shot worldwide. Our bows, which are exported globally, are created
with the skill and craftsmanship for which Italy is renowned. Ragim’s bow makers are masters of their trade,
true artisans with years of woodworking experience. While tradition anchors each and every bow, innovation is
also a top priority. Constant experimentation with new materials and methods allows us to offer you the most
up-to-date bow technology at affordable prices.

A Ragim bow is made to last, your trusted companion whether shooting in the woods or on a range.
We test our bow using state-of-the-art machines to simulate shooting. This ensures that each bow offers
the maximum in performance and resistance. Our high quality standards have earned us the prestigious ISO 9001,
an internationally recognized certification of quality control. Ragim is also a green company, having received
the ISO 14001 for respecting the environment.

We are dedicated to providing you with the bow that fits perfectly with your hand, budget and goals.
And we back it up with excellent customer service and a three-year warranty. Ragim is your biggest fan,
supporting you and the sport with quality products and sponsorships.





Bruno Agnola