• I'm a private citizen and I'd like to buy one bow from Ragim. Is it possible?

          Ragim doesn't sell directly to consumers; if you want to buy a Ragim bow, please

          contact the nearest Ragim reseller. Some of our resellers also allow you to buy online

          Ragim products.

  • Can I use a fast flight string on my Ragim bow?

          Have a look at the catalog in order to get more information about the supported      


  • I have a Ragim take down bow. Can I use limbs of a different / higher poundage? 

          Yes, contact your local Ragim reseller.

  • What is the suggested brace height for my Ragim bow?

          Please download our catalog.

  • Can I use the Impala limbs on my Ragim Impala Deluxe?

           Yes, Impala and Impala Deluxe support the same kind of limbs, but with a different

           length. By replacing Impala Deluxe limbs with Impala ones, the overall length of your

           bow will change.

  • I didn't get a user manual with my purchase, how can I obtain one?

          The instruction manual is available in pdf file; please, visit the DOWNLOADS page.

  • I have an old Ragim bow; can I still obtain parts for it?

          Please, verify with your local Ragim reseller the availability of the necessary spare parts.


For any other enquiry, CONTACT US.