A new system invented to easily tune a Ragim bow. A great INNOVATION at the service of

every Ragim customer.

This patented innovative system has been devised by Ragim to guarantee the best

performances for every Ragim bow.

The Ragim bow tuning system allows you to correct the limb direction by adjusting the limb

support. Every customer needs to tune their bow in a few, simple and safe steps.

By turning the adjustment screws, you will slightly tilt the limb pocket, that is the limb

support. You only need to turn the screw that allows you to adjust the limb in the correct

direction. By turning at the same time both the adjustment screws, you will slightly tilt the limb

pocket to adjust the tiller of your Ragim bow.

From now on, all the Ragim take-down bows will be equipped with this innovative system. 

Download the Ragim Bow Tuning System instruction booklet.